I’m Finola Cruz, your new blogger for Fuel Helmets.

My intent is to share our great products, tips for maintaining your ride, the latest in safety news and, true stories from the lives of Fuel customers like you, and a few of my own.

I have a story to share. Last summer, my husband and I were heading out on a drive on our bike. Getting ready to turn right onto the on-ramp, a car behind us was in way too much of a hurry to do the same thing.

Being rushed into the right turn, my husband was going a little too wide and fast for the corner. The left side of the bike hit the guard rail and we were down as the bike slid from beneath us. The bike suffered more damage than we did, but I was in shock.

Several cars, except the one that cause the accent, stop to help us, and a kind lady offered to give me a ride home. I just couldn’t climb back on the motorcycle at that moment.

The hardest thing I ever did was climbing back on the bike a few weeks later. But I did it.

Yet, every turn made me remember that day, leaving my stomach in knots. It also caused my husband and I to start considering a three-wheeler.

We love to ride, and don’t want that to change. We just want to feel safer. At least I do.

Have you traded two wheels for three? I’d love to hear your pros and cons before we make a decision.

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