“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush,” said journalist Doug Larson. Isn’t that the truth? Just when temps rise, Mother Nature dumps another foot of snow on us.         

Spring starts March 20, and while there’s never a guarantee that the weather will be spring-like, there will come a day when it will. And, when it does, you can bet I’ll be jumping on my motorcycle.

While we wait, it’s a great time to offer a few reminders on how to approach the upcoming riding season. I know I can use them.  

Your favorite roads: Don’t assume a favorite road or route is in the same condition it was the last time you rode it. Think potholes and road repairs. It’s bound to have changed - even if only slightly. Approach it as a new-to-you-road. 

Take corners with care: This is a case of getting yourself back into good habits: good corner approaches, good lines and being “steady as you go” in a safe and sensible way until you’re up to speed.

Stopping on a dime: Practice braking. I know you think this is a no-brainer, but practice to getting a feel once again for your bike and its brakes.

Dust off your skills: Brush up on the basics by practicing slow riding skills before you start riding faster. Fine-tuning your skills when you come up to stops is just good prevention for future excursions. Think hard about how the traffic’s moving, keep things smooth, and plan ahead as best you can.

Looking forward to your first ride of the year? What hazards are you planning to look out for? Let me know.